Long Distance Relationship Success – Read These 5 Rules

When it comes to long distance relationships, the key to survival and yet the biggest issue that can make it or break it is trust. It is the single most important factor when to come to the longevity of a relationship where the couple is separated. But how do you build trust in a relationship where you are far apart? Here are five tips to help you building trust in your relationship and help ensure lasting success.

  1. Be Consistent

There is nothing better than making arrangements to talk, and then the other person falls through. If you make arrangements to talk at a certain time of day, stick to it. By being consistent and reliable, you are well on your way to building a relationship with the foundation of trust.

  1. Communicate

One of the ways that trust can be broken, whether intentional or not, is a break in communication. If you’re still friends with your exes, let your significant other knows. If you’re feeling ill or have an important meeting and can’t talk at your normally scheduled date, let them know. When there is broken communication, speculations are made and trust is broken. For long distance relationships, it is recommended that you communicate at least once a day in some way, whether it be through text, phone, Skype, social media, or email. Many long distance couples will also mail each other handwritten letters, cards, and care packages for special occasions or “just because”.

  1. Be Open & Avoid Being a Control Freak

Regardless of being long distance or physically together, relationships are not always full of sunshine and rainbows, but that is what makes them dynamic. Be open and expressive about how you’re feeling. Not only will this let your partner get to know you more, but it will also help in building trust and help you and your partner become more in tune with each other. Another way to build trust is to trust your partner already. Just like a regular relationship, the social lives and work lives of you and your partner will keep going. Constantly interrogating your partner in regards to who they had drinks with or who they spend time with will not only show that you don’t trust your partner, but it may very well be interpreted as you are doing something that is untrustworthy and you’re making up for your guilt.

  1. Do Things Together

Just like how regular couples bond and build trust by doing things together, you and your partner will need to get a bit more creative. Watch a movie or a TV show simultaneously together. Agree to train for a 5K on the same day and pump each other up with encouragement. Play online games against each other. Yes, I said “play against” each other. A little bit of healthy competition is a great way to solidify the bonds between the two of you. There are lots of other things you can do “together” while still being apart.

  1. Talk About Goals & Stick to Them

If you are committing to a long distance relationship, it means that you want it to go somewhere. Talk about your expectations and goals, whether it is to meet in person, eventually, live in the same location, get married, whichever. This will help prevent the relationship from becoming stagnant, and it will prove to the two of you that the relationship is going somewhere, enhancing faith and trust in the other person.

When you and your partner are in two different parts of the world and you don’t see each other as often as a regular couple who live in the same area. It can be difficult to navigate through a long distance relationship, but yet, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences that you will ever encounter.

Stay Happy and in Love!